Field Demonstrations


Olds College & Raven

SeedMaster Demonstration


Livestock Field Demonstrations

Replacement heifer Demo: Feed efficiency and hybrid vigour score.

Livestock Gentec

Livestock Small Demonstrations

Flokk: Herd management and traceability where it belongs; At the herd.

Flokk Systems Inc.

Precision Livestock Monitoring Using Your AI Ranch Hand BETSY

OneCup AI
Livestock Demonstration

Harnessing the power of genomics for your business

Quantum Genetix

Livestock Water Recycling

Livestock Water Recycing

Plot Demonstrations

Precision Spraying: WEED-IT Quadro

powered by Croplands Equipment
Demo Plot 102

Olds College Sensor Clusters

Power Grazer & Razer Grazer Demonstrations

Range Ward
Demo Plot 103

PRECISION-IQ STEERING – Return to Pause & NextSwath 2

Vantage Canada & Trimble
Demo Plot 105

UAV/Drone Demonstrations

senseFly Ag Drone Demo

Ag Business & Crop Inc.

LandView Drone Demonstration

LandView Drones

Drone Demonstration

In Booth Demonstrations

Wintrex 1000, Wintrex 2000 & CAN-BUS Controller

Ag Business & Crop Inc.
Booth 342

Ag Tech Steam

Booth 258

Olds College Smart Farm

Booth 321

TC Energy

Booth 339

*Demonstrations and Schedule are Subject to Change