Field Demonstrations

Planning, Field mapping, Routing and launching an Autonomous field mission

Olds College

August 9: 1:15 pm & August 10: 2:45 pm

The Dot-Omni Power platform will be used to demonstrate how an Autonomous broad acre Field Operation (mission) is planned, mapped and ultimately deployed to perform a field operation in real time.

Guardian Sprayer

Rocky Mountain Equipment

August 9: 9:30 am & 4:15 pm & August 10: 1:15 pm

In field demonstration of the features and operation if the Guardian Front Boom Sprayer


Croptimistic Technology Inc.

August 9: 11 am & August 10: 9:30 am & 4:15 pm

View a crucial part of the SWAT MAPS process in action. Watch the SWAT BOX in action as it collects data to later create a SWAT MAP.

Student Driven Autonomous Tractor

Olds College

August 9: 2:45 pm & August 10: 11 am

Turning a conventional tractor into an autonomous tractor utilizing precision agriculture equipment. To demonstrate one aspect of what the students have been taught in the new precision ag course.

Livestock Demonstrations

Replacement heifer selection using genomic tools

Livestock Gentec

August 9: 11 am & August 10: 9:30 a.m.

Description Coming Soon!

Drones for Livestock

Landview Drones

August 9: 9:30 am & August 10: 11 am

Demonstration looking at various models of drones and their capabilities for finding cattle & reading eartags. The demo will also demonstrate workflows for counting cattle in pasture. The highlight of the demo will be the Matrice 30T, a mid-class aircraft just released for search & rescue which is equally useful for finding cattle – thermal camera and incredible zoom capability.

TMR Feed Mixology

Olds College

August 9: 1:15 pm & August 10: 4:15 pm

Adequate TMR mixing is important for reducing sorting and to ensure homogeneity of rations, particularly when incorporating ingredients at low inclusion levels. Modern feed mixing equipment improves the uniformity of TMRs and supports direct integration with most feeding management softwares. Join both Olds College and Future Ag representatives for their insights into feed mixing technology being used on the Smart Farm.

Flokk: Herd Management and Traceability Where it Belongs. At the Herd.


August 9: 2:45 pm & August 10: 1:15 pm

In this session we will provide a brief introduction Flokk, a solution for digitization of herd management and traceability reporting

What is Hidden Under the Hide? Livestock Ultrasound Demo

Windy Ridge Ultrasound & Olds College

August 9: 4:15 pm & August 10: 2:45 pm

Join Rod Wendorff of Windy Ridge Ultrasound and Leila Hickman of Olds College as they explore how carcass ultrasound data can be used for genetic selection and breeding decisions in the live animal. This live demonstration will highlight how fast, accurate and inexpensive this procedure can be as a tool for decision making in your beef herd.

Video Demo Tent

We don’t mean to shock you, but this could save your life!


August 9 & 10: 9:30 am

Using an energized ‘hazard board’, we will demonstrate the danger of contacting a power line. We will be discussing power line safety on farms and our ‘growing concern’ over the fact that farm equipment has doubled in size over the past 50 years. We can offer suggestions so that you can create a safety plan for your farm, farmyard, and employees. We will also discuss what to do in case you do contact a power line. You may think you don’t need this session, but it could just be the only one you needed to attend!

BETSY – Computer Vision at the Farm

OneCup AI

August 9: 11 am & August 10: 1:15 pm

Using simple cameras connected to wifi, BETSY can identify, monitor and track your animals. We will show you how easy it is to install and benefit from the use of artificial intelligence at your ranch. A second set of eyes to help you monitor your animals and give you a heads up when something needs attention. We will show you how cameras installed at the Olds College Smart Farm bring in data that can add value to producers and instructors alike.

Swarm Robots in Agriculture

Olds College

August 9: 1:15 pm & August 10: 11 am

We are at a cusp of Disruption, when it comes to the way we produce food. This new era of invention is full of innovation, out of the box ideas, and Disruptive technologies when it comes to Agriculture Equipment as well. We don’t know what is best, but we sure know what questions to ask.
In this spirit we are taking on a project at Olds College, where we are simplifying the challenges that we need to solve when it comes to “Robots taking on the farm”. The Challenges include but are not limited to Swarm, Autonomy, Energy Footprint, and Sustainability, Scaleability, and Environmental Impact.

New Applications of Daily Satellite Data in Ag


August 9: 4:15 pm & August 10: 2:45 pm

Planet Labs images every acre of arable land everyday using the largest Earth Observation satellite constellation ever built, called Planetscope. This demo provides an overview of how this technology is enabling new applications in agriculture. From daily insights on growth, to on-demand crop scouting intel, to yield forecasting, the Planetscope constellation is powering smarter, more sustainable ag solutions.

Grain Discovery Grain Marketing

Grain Discovery

August 9: 2:45 pm & August 10: 4:15 pm

Grain Discovery will showcase their flagship product, the Grain Discovery marketing ecosystem. With options for the farmer to post target orders, view all of their tickets, contracts and settlements all while accessing a network of industry experts. The Grain elevator can post bids, manage all tickets and send out contracts and messages!

Field Crop Plots

Showcase of FCDC’s Newest Varieties

FCDC, Olds College

August 9: 9:30 am & August 10: 1:15 pm

The FCDC continually develops new varieties of barley and triticale to meet the changing demands of our agriculture industry. Come see the newest varieties of barley and triticale developed in Lacombe.

The Next Generation of Wheat

Alberta Wheat

August 9: 11 am & August 10: 9:30 am

Learn from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s top wheat breeder, Harpinder Randhawa about the next generation of wheat featuring genetic Fusarium Head Blight resistance and midge tolerance at these wheat plots.

WEED-IT Precision Spraying Technology Demo

Croplands Equipment

August 9: 1:15 pm & August 10: 4:15 pm

Demonstration of the most accurate and trusted precision spraying technology available, presented by Croplands Equipment

EnVoy, a highly concentrated biostimulant for broad acre & row crops

Acadian Plant Health

August 9: 2:45 pm & August 10: 11 am

Every farmer knows Mother Nature always throws a wrench into every season, but these days it seems like the whole toolbox. Plant biostimulants have been proven to improve plant tolerance and recovery from environmental stress like drought, heat, and cold. At Acadian Plant Health we have the results to prove it.

Alliance Seed – Strong. Vigorous. Dependable

Alliance Seed

August 9: 4:15 pm & August 10: 2:45 pm

Alliance Seed brings a portfolio of STRONG, VIGOROUS, DEPENDABLE cereal and pea varieties to western Canadian farmers. We are unique for a Canadian seed company, as one of the only Canadian seed companies with a direct link to the grain handling and value added processing sector, giving us direct links to end use customers. Come visit us at Ag Smart to learn more and see some of our top notch varieties.

UAV/Drone Demonstrations

Drones/UAV’s for Field Scouting

Ag Business & Crop Inc.

August 9: 9:30 am, 2:45 pm & August 10: 11 am

From its development over 40 years ago, remote sensing imagery has proved its place as a valuable source of data for scouting, diagnostic, and in-crop advisory and research. Dramatic improvements in workflow efficiency, ease of use, and multispectral sensors have allowed agronomists, researchers, and farmers to more efficiently collect, analyze and make management decisions during the season. Now sights are being set on another use, the in-field application of crop inputs.

Choosing the Right Drone

LandView Drones

August 9: 11 am & August 10: 1:15 pm

Drones used for scouting, mapping, or applying product are very different – but there is an aerial tool for every job.  This demonstration will provide a quick glimpse of the many drones available today and a quick introduction to getting started.  Stay after the demo to try your hand at flying a Mini-series drone for yourself.

Drone Spraying Use Cases In Agriculture

Strongfield Environmental Solutions Inc.

August 9: 1:15 pm & August 10: 9:30 am & 4:15 pm

This demonstration will go over the currently approved types of drone spraying operations in Canada and show a live drone application of water on the demo site.

Swarm Spraying Drones

Landview Drones & Ag Business & Crop Inc

August 9: 4:15 pm & August 10: 2:45 pm

This demo will be a collaboration between LandView Drones and Ag Business & Crop. We will demonstrate the workflow of mapping a field with multispectral drone, creating a prescription, and then applying product with 3 Agras T10 spraying drones applying product as a swarm.

In Booth Demonstrations

Precision Soil Sampling to drive Profits

Ag Business & Crop Inc.
Booth 330

Today’s high fertilizer prices, along with other inputs highlight the need to drive profitability from every acre. Soil fertility is a long-term proposition; soil sampling should focus on data-driven sampling ensuring we collect the right soil samples accurately with high consistency. Don’t overlook the value of more intensive soil sampling and precision sampling to compare data over time. After all, it is the one investment that is about helping you spend your fertilizer dollars wisely.

Ag Tech Steam Lego Build Challenge / Unboxing Ag Tech Steam

Demos located in Olds College Tent – 319

10 am & 2 pm each day

Test your skills with this fun building challenge to learn more about building new ideas using Lego. Build with your friends or on your own. We’ll also be unboxing Ag Tech Steam Boxes so you can see what all the steam is about!

Olds College Smart Farm Tours

August 9 & 10
11 am, 1 pm & 3 pm daily

First Come, First Served – Bus will depart by Olds College Tent

Since launching in the summer of 2018, the Olds College Smart Farm has been busy growing industry involvement through partnerships and applied research projects, all focused on advancing agriculture’s value chain and global competitiveness. Take a tour of the Smart Farm during AgSmart to see how research projects are integrated into the farming operations to help producers make informed decisions about implementing technology in their own operations, and have a look at our 2022 seasonal crops.

Power Grazer & Razer Grazer Demonstrations

Range Ward Demo Booth 102

Power Grazer Demonstration: The Power Grazer is an all on board, portable solar electric fencing unit often used on vast landscapes. Equipped with a 6 joule energizer, 140 watt solar panel, 12 volt deep cycle battery, two miles of Range Ward’s Power Braid Reflective Rope, and 100 step in Pigtail posts, this machine is ready to go to work.

If a greater distance of fence is needed, just add rope and posts!

Razer Grazer Demonstration: The Razer Grazer is Range Ward’s most versatile machine. Sticking with the very popular all on board concept, but we’ve added a key feature – removable electric reel. This piece is called the Power Arm (also sold separately), and can be removed from the Razer Grazer, installed in the hitch of a truck or side by side to be used to set out cross fences. The Razer Grazer is equipped with a 3 joule energizer, 50 watt solar panel, 12 volt deep cycle battery, ½ a mile of Range Ward’s Power Braid Reflective Rope, and 80 step in Pigtail posts, this machine is ready to cross fence a quarter section with the ability and flexibility to do much more!

Grain Bag Recycling Program

Cleanfarms Inc.
Booth 333

Grain Bag Rolling
Aug 9 & 10 – 10am & 2pm

Silage Plastic/Bale Wrap Compaction
Aug 9 & 10 – ongoing

One issue with any recycling program is densifying the product, in this case, grain bags, bale wrap and silage plastic, enough to efficiently transport it to an end market.

Generally, plastics that are collected loose take up a large amount of space, are time-consuming and difficult to handle with equipment, and they weigh very little, which is inefficient for transportation to a recycling facility.

To quickly and inexpensively densify these plastics for storage, handling, and transport, Cleanfarms is demonstrating the use of a manual compacting system, which was designed and manufactured by Full Circle Plastics of Nobleford, AB, and a mechanical grain bag roller, which was designed and manufactured by Brown Bros. of Milestone, SK.

VizworX Inc

Booth 402

*Demonstrations and Schedule are Subject to Change