AgSmart Upstream/WS Farm Forward Event A Real Conversation about the Reality of AgTech

There’s a great deal of attention these days in the AgTech space on Farm Technology. GPS-controlled tractors, soil sensors and satellite imagery are no longer a vision of the future but a practice of today. Technology is rapidly transforming the farm landscape.
But, as we read about, watch demonstrations and research options in the Agriculture Technology space, how do we balance practicality versus flash? With so much new information coming at us daily, what makes sense and what is most practical to those that are literally in the field and on the ground?
Join Shane Thomas, a cultivator of strategic insights for agribusiness leaders and Author of Upstream Ag Insights and Steve Larocque of The Spark & Beyond Agronomy along with Susan Groeneveld, Chief Intelligence Officer and co-creator of WS, a Marketing Practice that Specializes in Agriculture, as they engage in a discussion on the reality of AgTech from the Farmers and Growers position. This panel will share their expertise and exchange bold ideas with those on the farms and in the business.