Carbon Programs for Agriculture

August 9, 2022 from 9:30 am to 10:15 am

Speaker: Joy Agnew, Olds College & Graham Gilchrist, Biological Carbon Canada

Carbon Programs for Agriculture

Attendees of the Carbon Programs for Agriculture panel discussion will better understand how different carbon programs may apply to primary production of ag, know the difference between carbon offsets and other programs like OFCAF, know the difference between carbon sequestration and emission reduction, and hear about new or upcoming tools/technologies that farmers can use to estimate their carbon footprint and how management changes are impacting their footprint

Joy Agnew, Olds College
Joy grew up on a grain farm near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and earned her Ph.D. in Ag/Bio Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. Her career has been focused on applied research in agriculture and she joined Olds College in January 2019. At Olds College, Joy oversees the Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI), the research division of the College, which focuses on applied research in crop and livestock production with a focus on technology integration and data utilization to improve productivity and sustainability of food production. Joy also has a leadership role in the development of the College’s Smart Ag Ecosystem, bringing together the academic programming, applied research, strategic partnerships, smart farm operations, and extension & communication activities to help the College meet its goal to be a leader in Smart Agriculture. Joy is also past president of the Canadian Society of Bioengineering and is an adjunct professor at the University of Saskatchewan. In 2021, Joy was named one of Canada’s top 50 most influential people in Canadian Ag by Canadian Western Agribition.

Graham Gilchrist, Biological Carbon Canada
Graham Gilchrist is a Professional Agrologist with over 30 years of experience serving the needs of rural Alberta and British Columbia.
Principal of Gilchrist Consulting, he does a few things well. He advises farms and rural businesses on management and governance. As a licensed investigator, he assists both farms and their legal advisors build cases. He also advises rural organizations that need a little help with governance.
Graham serves as the CEO of the non-profit society Biological Carbon Canada specializing in greenhouse gas markets for Canadian farms.
Graham is also proud to serve as an independent director for the Alberta Federation of Agriculture.
Graham spent 25 years with the Alberta civil service and rose to serve Albertans as the Province’s Assistant Farmers’ Advocate and Assistant Property Rights Advocate. Graham also spent 5 years as an administrative judge with the Municipal Government Board.
Graham holds a license to practice agrology in Alberta and British Columbia and is a registered investigator for Alberta.