Building Resiliency Together

August 10, 2022 from 11:00 am to 11:45 am

Speaker: Megz Reynolds, The Do More Agriculture Foundation, Presented by AFSC

Building Resiliency Together

Building Resiliency Together’ is an introduction to mental health in agriculture. It is designed to give people a snap shot of where we are at as an industry, talk about the importance of having the conversation, create a basic understanding of mental health, how to support ourselves and others and work to build confidence in having a conversation regarding mental health.

CEU Credits: 0.5

Bio: Megz Reynolds, The Do More Agriculture Foundation, Presented by AFSC

Megz Reynolds is the Executive Director for The Do More Agriculture Foundation, the national voice and champion for mental health in agriculture. Megz has first hand experience in agriculture as a former grain farmer, during which time she was engaged in agriculture policy and advocacy at the provincial, federal and global level through the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS), The Global Farmer Network and her grassroots lobbying efforts. Reynolds has aways been a strong advocate for mental health in agriculture and her advocacy work before joining Do More Ag has seen Reynolds testify to the Agriculture Agri-Foods Standing Committee on mental health in agriculture, as well as prioritize mental health conversations with politicians across Canada and engage with producers, corporations and media at round tables, conferences, speaking engagements and on panels around the world.