Harvest Innovation and How to Apply it to the Farm

August 10, 2022 from 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm

Speaker: Panel Discussion

Harvest Innovation and How to Apply it to the Farm

Join panelists from Bushel Plus, Top Grade Ag and Olds College to discuss Harvest Innovations and how to apply them to your farming operation.

CEU Credits: 0.5

Marcel Kringe – Bushel Plus
Marcel Kringe, grew up on a family farm in Germany, where he did pursue an AG Engineering degree. Work & travel studies in Canada, Russia and Brazil led him to move to Canada.
He has learned English on the go while working on different farm operations all over Canada, before settling in Brandon MB for a job as a Cargill Agronomist. Marcel left his corporate career and focused full-time on his hobby, called Bushel Plus. Today, the Agricultural products of Bushel Plus are sold in 28 countries and Marcel since co founded another manufacturing, as well as a custom software development company.

Marcel works tirelessly to develop a great working environment for his teams and new products in pursuit of ensuring the safety and profitability of farmers!

Glenn Wilde – Top Grade Ag
Glenn grew up with a love for farming near Cudworth, SK. He earned his Agricultural Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan and has remained an active partner with the family farm operation – Wilde Ag Ventures.

Over the years Glenn also worked as an engineering consultant in Alberta’s Oil & Gas industry providing a broad range of technical insights for optimizing profitability with Oil & Gas wells. In 2015 Glenn began following his passion and started a technology division for Wilde Ag Ventures focused on development of simple products invented on the farm in Cudworth.

The focal point of Glenn’s expertise is in the science around efficient and predictable in-bin grain drying. To further the Ag-tech innovations, Glenn helped found Top Grade Ag in 2019 with a vision for affordable products in the farm yard.

Daniel Stefner, Olds College
As a Project Lead within the Smart Ag Applied Research team, Daniel is involved in a multitude of projects that focus on evaluating, validating, and developing technologies specific to broad acre agriculture. He started his Olds College career as an Agriculture Management student in 2017, and further completed the Bachelor of Applied Science program with a major in Agribusiness. Previous to Olds College, he also earned a diploma in Digital Media and IT from NAIT specializing in Business Analysis. Daniel brings an innovative and creative mind to the research team along with plenty of crop farming experience from his family’s farm and previous employment.