Transitioning the Traditional Farm with Technology & Data

August 9, 2022 from 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm

Speaker: Panel Discussion

Transitioning the Traditional Farm with Technology & Data

Join panelists from Alberta Innovates, Climate Fieldview and BASF to discuss how to transition a traditional farm with technology and data.

CEU Credits: 0.5

Dr. Susan Markus, AB Innovates
Dr. Susan Markus has over 30 years of extensive experience in beef cattle production and sheep nutrition being currently involved in a large cow/calf, backgrounding and feedlot operation with her husband and 4 children in east central Alberta. She holds a PhD in Animal Behaviour from the University of Alberta where her studies were the first in Canada to assess technology for fenceless control of cattle on pasture – over 20 years ago. She also has a Masters in Ruminant Nutrition from the University of Manitoba and a BSc in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan. Her background in extension and adult education allows her to bring the science of animal research and new technologies into the classrooms for students and onto the ranch for livestock producers. While Susan’s research involvement is varied from production, genomics, feed efficiency and nutrition to economics, she maintains a key interest in supporting practical ideas from the livestock industry. Currently, Dr. Markus has an applied research program at Lakeland College focused on using promising new technology (including remote sensors and performance measures) to aid in making replacement heifer selection decisions.

Marvin Talsma, Climate Fieldview
Marvin has been part of agriculture his entire working career. While studying History and Politics at Western University, Marvin worked at a full- service ag retail manufacturing feed. While working there he discovered his passion for farmers and their love for what they do every day. He was given the opportunity to learn about agronomy by working alongside many different mentors in the industry, never afraid to get his hands dirty or to tell a customer that he didn’t know the answer but he would find one. While in retail, Marvin gained his CCA designation and moved to be a Field Agronomist for the DEKALB seed brand in 2007. Working closely with customers, it was in this role that he was first introduced to Climate FieldView and saw an opportunity for this digital tool to add value providing solutions for farmers. In 2016, Marvin started working with Climate FieldView, helping launch the business in Canada. Today, Marvin is the Scripting Product Manager for Climate FieldView globally, following his passion to further develop a tool that benefits farmers and provides value.

Marvin resides in London, Ontario with his wife Kerri and 2 of their 3 daughters. He enjoys the outdoors and most sports.

Jeff Spencer, BASF
Jeff Spencer is the Head of Technology and Data for BASF’s Digital Farming team. Jeff has expertise in the areas of weather modeling, weather data, proximal and remote sensing, geospatial technologies, image science, data automation and data analytics. He has been working in the digital and digital farming space since 2013 and was among those forming BASF’s digital farming around that same time.

Moderator – Kevin Bender, Alberta Wheat Commission & AgSmart Industry Advisory Group