Using Artificially Intelligent Drones for Precision Spraying

August 10, 2022 from 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm

Speaker: Daniel McCann, Precision AI

Using Artificially Intelligent Drones for Precision Spraying

By leveraging custom-built AI technology in drones, take crop production decisions from a whole field to an individual plant level. Transforming an industry that has been reliant on larger and broader technology for decades, the outcome of these solutions helps craft the machines of tomorrow that will feed the world.

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Bio: Daniel McCann, Precision AI

Founder and CEO of Precision AI, Daniel McCann is passionate about how technology can shape the future of global food security. A three-time start-up founder with over 25 years in technology within diverse industries such as artificial intelligence, fintech, security, fast food, and agriculture, Daniel provides a unique perspective on how technology impacts our world. Daniel was a finalist in the 2013 ABEX Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, personally holds six patents, and his previous company NetSecure was mentioned in Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One.