Virtual cattle fencing – A novel approach for grazing management

August 9, 2022 from 11:00 am to 11:15 am

Speaker: Panel Discussion

Virtual cattle fencing – A novel approach for grazing management

Come learn about our practical experiences implementing grazing management with a virtual fencing system. This session will be 3 parts:

Virtual fencing for grazing cattle – is it just at your fingertips? – Carolyn Fitzsimmons & Alexandra Harland , AAFC/ University of Alberta
Come learn about our practical experiences implementing grazing management with a virtual fencing system.

Virtual Cattle Fencing – Kevin Boon, BC Cattlemen’s Association
Description of work that BC Cattlemen have led in the development of a Virtual Fence System that utilizes GPS and Cellular technology

Preliminary results on the use of virtual fence in Western Canada conditions, Laio Sobrinho, Olds College
Laio Sobrinho will talk about preliminary findings on the use of virtual fence to remotely manage grazing cattle at the Olds College Smart Farm. Attendees will learn how connectivity, animal responsiveness, and herd behavior seem to play a role on the use of virtual fence to virtually manage cattle.

CEU Credits: 0.5

Moderated by: Irene Wenger, Olds College

Carolyn Fitzsimmons, AAFC/ University of Alberta
Carolyn grew up on a mixed beef and grain farm in Saskatchewan. After wandering the world a bit she found herself back in Canada employed as a Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, co-located at the University of Alberta. Although Carolyn’s first love is molecular genetics in beef cattle, she likes to dabble in many technologies that have a potential to help Canadian beef producers.

Alexandra Harland, AAFC/ University of Alberta
Alex grew up in Lac du Bonnet, a farming town in Manitoba. She completed her Bachelor of Science in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba, and is now doing her Master’s of Science at the University of Alberta under Drs. Carolyn Fitzsimmons and Edward Bork. Alex’s education is focusing on beef production and precision agriculture, and she is passionate about being part of the future of agriculture.

Laio Sobrinho, Olds College

Laio Silva Sobrinho, Research Associate, holds a BSc in Forestry and is currently completing an MSc at the University of Alberta, where he is studying the effect of adaptive rotational grazing systems on the sequestration of carbon in Canadian grasslands. At the Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production, he is responsible for sampling, data analysis, interpretation, and reporting on projects that include testing and validating Smart Ag technologies with the potential to improve productivity and sustainability on-farm. Laio comes from a family of cattle producers in Brazil, where he assisted in the operation and management of his family’s herd and pastures before starting his studies in Canada.

Kevin Boon, BC Cattlemens
Kevin is the third generation to ranch on the family homestead at Delia, Alberta and later relocated his family cattle operation to Tomahawk, AB.

Over his years as a producer, he has volunteered his time to many committees and organizations including the Alberta Beef Producers, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, the Canada Beef Export Federation, the National Check-off Organization and the Beef Information Centre.

Since 2009, Kevin has embraced his position as General Manager with the BC Cattlemen’s Association. His previous experience as a rancher combined with years spent volunteering for organizations within the industry afford him the understanding and knowledge to represent BC cattle producers in his role as manager.