Dr. Joy Agnew

Associate VP, Applied Research, Olds College Centre for Innovation

Mazen Aljarrah

Field Crop Development Centre, Olds College

Lander Anderson

Digital Ag Lead, Vantage Canada

Wes Anderson

VP of Agronomy, Croptimistic Technology Inc.

Dr. John Basarab

Head of Beef Operations, Livestock Gentec

Dr. Shabeg Briar

Research Agronomist, Olds College

Dr. Flavio Capettini

Field Crop Development Centre, Olds College

Shea Ferster

Business Advisor, MNP's Agricultural Services

Sarah Foster

President & Senior Seed Analyst, 20/20 Seed Labs Inc

Giorgio Furlanetto

Mobile Applications Sales Specialist, SICK Canada

Susan Groeneveld

Partner, WS

Abby Hodder

Graduate Student, U of C

Dr. Yadeta Kabeta

Field Crop Development Centre, Olds College

Lesley Kelly

High Heels & Canola Fields

Marcel Kringe

Founder & Co-Owner, Bushel Plus

Dr. Natasha Kutryk

Professional Services Veterinarian, Feedlot Health Management Services by Telus Agriculture

Steve Larocque

Owner, Beyond Agronomy

Morgan Louden

Graduate Student, U of C

Roy Maki

Olds College

Alex Melnitchouck

Chief Technology Officer, Olds College

Lance & Karen Neilson

Neilson Cattle Development

Lori Oatway

Research Scientist, Field Crop Development Centre

Robert Saik

Founder & CEO, AGvisorPRO

Laio Silva Sobrinho

Research Associate, Olds College

Rav Singh

Olds College

Daniel Stefner

Research Technician, Olds College Centre for Innovation

Shane Thomas


Sean Thompson

Manager, Technology Access Center for Livestock Production (TACLP)

Jessica Watson

Conservation Agriculture & Extension Program Coordinator, West-Central Forage Association

Felix Weber

Technical Agriculture Specialist, Ag Business & Crop Inc.

Matt Wirzba

Director - Outside Sales, Southern Irrigation

Mike Witkowicz

Vice President Strategy and Business Development Ag Exchange Group

Tom Wolf

Agrimetrix Research & Training

Dr. Jennifer Zantinge

Field Crop Development Centre, Olds College

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