AgSmart and AGvisorPRO Team Up to Increase Impact

AgSmart and AGvisorPRO have teamed up to turn the two-day AgSmart expo produced by Olds College of Agriculture & Technology into a 365/24/7 community.

By leveraging the capability of AGvisorPRO’s ecosystem, AgSmart, which runs August 1 and 2 in Olds will now be able to help connect the ag tech community in a brand-new way that will advance the adoption of smart farming technology at field level.

“AgSmart brings together some of the most innovative technologies and companies along with some of the best experts in the ag tech field.” Explains Stacy Felkar, Event Co-Manager with AgSmart, “We were looking for a way to enhance our impact beyond the show itself. By collaborating with AGvisorPRO we are going to be able to create year-round connections between all stakeholders involved in the smart farm movement.”

“We are very excited to partner with AgSmart to showcase how AGvisorPRO can better connect all parts of the agriculture ecosystem,” explains, Robert Saik, CEO of AGvisorPRO. “All attendees of AgSmart will be able to download AGvisorPRO on their iOS or Android devices and join the AgSmart Community. Here they will be able to connect to farmers, exhibitors, industry reps and contributing presenters. They can share comments, posts, pictures, videos, PDF’s and participate in community Q&A’s. Additionally, they can have private one-on-one chats with any other member of the AgSmart community and AGvisorPRO can facilitate meeting scheduling as well as private audio or video calls between anyone on the platform.”

Through the AGvisorPRO app, producers can be connected to all areas of agriculture whether it be cropping, livestock, equipment, precision ag or business management. There are over 750 agriculture experts currently available in the ecosystem. Questions are all posted anonymously but are geo-tagged so that responding experts know where in the world the “seeker” is from. Additionally, companies provide information on their products and services as well last listing representatives who can be contacted instantaneously through AGvisorPRO. There is also a virtual farmers market where people can browse to see services available to farmers as they work to solve problems ranging from how deal with a frustrating monitor on a sprayer to obtaining help on immigration rules to bring in foreign workers.

“Olds College has 54 projects we are coordinating with the industry to help showcase how smart technology can be of benefit to farmers.” Explains Joy Agnew, Associate VP, Applied Research, “We are excited about how we can leverage the AGvisorPro platform to extend the reach and influence of our experts beyond the physical show itself.”

There will be a phased approach for the rollout of the AgSmart Community on AGvisorPRO with past attendees being contacted and able to join prior to tickets for the 2023 show going on sale mid-April. Exhibitors and contributors will be able to set up their profiles throughout the roll-out.

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About AGvisorPRO
AGvisorPRO connects decision makers in agriculture to the advice, professionals, and services that they need to move forward with confidence.

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About AgSmart
AgSmart, held August 1 and 2 at Olds College, brings together the ag tech community for a collaborative educational experience that takes the conference to the field.

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