Field Demonstrations

 OMNiPOWER Platform – Interactive Experience

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

July 30: 9:15 am – 10 am & July 31: 11 am – 11:45 am

Attendees will have the opportunity to test their skills in the remote manual operation of Omnipower.  Participants will operate Omni around an obstacle course, best time takes the honors in this fun competition.

Conventional Broadacre Seeding Demonstration

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

July 30: 3 pm – 3:45 pm  & July 31: 1:15 pm – 2 pm

A Seedmaster Air Seeder, Ultra Pro II 550 tank/meter system mounted on a 4012 3 Plex toolbar controlled with a Raven Viper 4+ monitor and towed with a CLAAS tractor power unit using Trimble guidance, will demonstrate how modern conventional broad acre crops are seeded. Pre seeding field mission setup, meter calibration and path planning will be discussed followed by a live seeding demonstration.

Harvest Academy: Combine Optimization Clinic

Bushel Plus

July 30: 1:15 pm – 2 pm & July 31: 3 pm – 3:45 pm

This session is an introduction to the Bushel Plus Harvest Academy and will cover a few of the several topics that are discussed in a complete Harvest Academy clinic.

During this session, we’ll walk through important aspects of combine loss sensor calibration to minimize harvest loss and get the most out of your combine this harvest.

The best machines and sensors in the world deliver great visual data into the cabs of the combines, for example, yield and moisture analytics. However, even the smartest sensors need to be calibrated, aka, benchmarked against a real number or weight. This also counts for other sensors that make the instruments in the cab usable. We are going through the most missed calibrations in harvest management and explain what can be done before the heat of harvest starts to set you up for success.

Pottinger Bale/Silage Combo Unit 

R.A. West International Inc

July 30: 11 am – 12 pm & July 31: 9:15 am – 10 am

The value of a baler/silage combo wrapper unit

Livestock Demonstrations

Handling with Insight: Implementing Low-Stress Techniques Aligned with Cattle Behavior Knowledge

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

July 31: 11 am

During this demo session, participants will have the opportunity for hands-on experience with low-stress handling techniques. Through active participation, they will gain practical skills that not only enhance animal welfare but also highlight the feasibility and reduced stress associated with employing low-stress handling methods for both the animals and the handlers involved.

NOTE: This demo will be taking place at the TAC and bus transportation is required. Cbeck in at the Olds College Tent (313) for more details).

Cattle Carcass Ultrasound

Windy Ridge Ultrasound & Olds College

July 30 & 31: 1:15 pm – 2 pm

Join Rod Wendorff of Windy Ridge Ultrasound and Olds College as they explore how carcass ultrasound data can be used for genetic selection and breeding decisions in the live animal. This live demonstration will highlight how fast, accurate and inexpensive this procedure can be as a tool for decision making in your beef herd. 

Cattle Tracking Demonstration

Smart Paddock (in booth 207)

July 30: 11 am – 11:45 am & July 31: 9:15 am – 10 am

A live view of cattle tracking via our Smart Paddock web dashboard.

Optiweigh – automated livestock weighing


July 30 & 31: 3 pm – 3:45 pm

Optiweigh has made in-field automated weighing of livestock a reality. Not having to yard animals for individual weighing has benefits in terms of reduced labour, cost and the avoidance of associated animal weight loss, while also providing opportunities to improve livestock sales returns. Furthermore, the benefits that continuous weight monitoring can provide in terms of better decision making are enormous. Real-time animal weight information is leading to improved decisions around things such as nutrition and animal health. The outcome from these decisions being made sooner and based on better quantitative information is improved productivity in terms of livestock weight gain.

UAV/Drone Demonstrations

Advancements in Spray Drone Technology

Green Aero Tech

July 30 at 1:15 pm and July 31 at 3 pm

Experience the future of spraying at Ag Smart with our Spray Drone Demonstration where you’ll see how this technology fits on Prairie farms and ranches. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how spray drones can enhance your farming operations and put more bushels into the bin.

Where’s My Signal??? Using a Drone and Wireless Scanners to Find Rural Smart Farm Connectivity Gaps

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

July 30 at 9:15 am & July 31 at 11 am

The last mile of rural connectivity continues to be the bane of technology use cases for Agriculture and Broadband coverage. Olds College Smart Ag Applied Research will live demo a drone and its wireless scanner payload, developed at Olds College, to make a real time coverage map of existing LoRaWAN, 4G LTE and 5G signal quality across a local field. A play by play analysis of the displayed baseline signal quality coverage scan as it develops will be shared with the audience.

Ag Drone Alphabet: 26 Farm Tasks Demonstrated

Landview Drones

July 30 at 3 pm & July 31 at 1:15 pm

Experience the ultimate drone showcase as the LandView team takes to the skies with an electrifying, rapid-fire demonstration. From scouting and aerial mapping to zone prescriptions, witness the myriad uses of drones in agriculture unfold before your eyes. Since the very first year at AgSmart, LandView has captivated audiences with their drone demos, and this year promises an unparalleled spectacle. Prepare for an even larger selection of drones than ever before, featuring the Mavic 3 Enterprise-series thermal and multispectral models, the versatile Matrice-series RPAS, and the groundbreaking Agras T25 and T50 spraying line.

Zooming In: Harnessing Telephoto for Precision Ranching

Landview Drones

July 30: 11 am – 11:45 am

Experience the cutting-edge zoom technology of today’s drones as they revolutionize inspection tasks, allowing you to closely monitor cattle herds, inspect farm assets, and scout crop fields with breathtaking precision. Drones can be used to effortlessly track cattle, assess pasture condition, or pinpoint sick or injured animals (especially when paired with thermal sensors). The same zoom capabilities can be used for crop scouting task. Mapping may show you where there are weeds, but scouting will let you see exactly what kind of weeds you have. We’ll explore the power of telephoto and thermal drones on the ranch.

The Devil’s in the Details: Achieving Accuracy in Drone Spraying Workflows

Landview Drones

July 31:  9:15 am – 10 am

Hitting start on an autonomous spraying mission is easy, but getting efficient and effective deposition requires meticulous planning. In this session, we will delve into the comprehensive workflows of drone spreading and spraying technology. Topics will include RTK accuracy in mapping boundaries, the significance of spectral calibration, and selecting the right software for prescription zone applications. We will also cover methods for accurately determining effective swath width whether spreading or spraying. By focusing on detailed planning, you can safeguard your drones, crops, the environment, and your pocketbook.

Small Equipment Demos

Bobcat MaxControl Remote Operation

Bobcat of Red Deer

July 30 at 3 pm & July 31 at 11 am 

Bobcat of Red Deer is proud to introduce the limited-edition Bobcat® Platinum S76. This model offers exclusive features designed to enhance job site productivity and improve your bottom line, setting you apart and helping you achieve more

Grain Bag Recycling Trailer

Wheatland County

July 30 at 11 am & July 31 at 1:15 pm

Roll up used grain bags with roller unit.

Spider Hitch – Header & Combine trailering hookup

Spider Hitch Inc.

July 30 at 1:15 pm & July 31 at 3 pm

Hooking up headers behind combines for transport is made easy with a Spider Hitch. Watch how easy it is to winch the header to the combine and go! No more backing up, waving, interpreting hand signals, in and out/up and down the combine. Bring the receiver to the trailer and let the self-latching winching hitch do the rest.

MagiNet – Remote Wireless Network

Mage Networks

July 30 & 31: 9:15 am – 10 am

MagiNet – Remote Wireless Network

Mage’s mission is to connect everyone, everywhere to fast, reliable, high-speed Internet. MagiNet™ is a solution to a world problem – unreliable or inaccessible Internet and was developed in Alberta, Canada by the team here at Mage Networks.

MagiNet™ is formed by hardware and firmware designed by our team and seamlessly uses wireless and wired connections to create wireless coverage over, under, and around any sized area without degradation in speed or consistency.

In Booth Demonstrations

WEED-IT Precision Spraying Technology Demo

Croplands Equipment
Demo Booth 103 – Field

Demonstration of the most accurate and trusted precision spraying technology available, presented by Croplands Equipment

Ag Tech Steam 

Booth 266

Test your skills with this fun building challenge to learn more about building new ideas using Lego. Build with your friends or on your own. We’ll also be unboxing Ag Tech Steam Boxes so you can see what all the steam is about!

Olds College Smart Farm Tours

July 30 & 31
10 am, 11:45 am, 2 pm and 3:30 pm daily

First Come, First Served – Bus will depart by Olds College Tent

Since launching in the summer of 2018, the Olds College Smart Farm has been busy growing industry involvement through partnerships and applied research projects, all focused on advancing agriculture’s value chain and global competitiveness. Take a tour of the Smart Farm during AgSmart to see how research projects are integrated into the farming operations to help producers make informed decisions about implementing technology in their own operations, and have a look at our 2024 seasonal crops.

Power Grazer & Razer Grazer Demonstrations

Range Ward Demo Booth 303

Power Grazer Demonstration: The Power Grazer is an all on board, portable solar electric fencing unit often used on vast landscapes. Equipped with a 6 joule energizer, 140 watt solar panel, 12 volt deep cycle battery, two miles of Range Ward’s Power Braid Reflective Rope, and 100 step in Pigtail posts, this machine is ready to go to work.

If a greater distance of fence is needed, just add rope and posts!

Razer Grazer Demonstration: The Razer Grazer is Range Ward’s most versatile machine. Sticking with the very popular all on board concept, but we’ve added a key feature – removable electric reel. This piece is called the Power Arm (also sold separately), and can be removed from the Razer Grazer, installed in the hitch of a truck or side by side to be used to set out cross fences. The Razer Grazer is equipped with a 3 joule energizer, 50 watt solar panel, 12 volt deep cycle battery, ½ a mile of Range Ward’s Power Braid Reflective Rope, and 80 step in Pigtail posts, this machine is ready to cross fence a quarter section with the ability and flexibility to do much more!

PathoBox: Crop Disease Detection On-the-Go

PathoScan Booth 202

Join us at AgSmart for an exciting demonstration of the PathoBox, a portable crop disease management device. Our device allows farmers to test their crops right in the field, delivering accurate results within hours instead of weeks. Say goodbye to lengthy lab procedures and guesswork. With PathoScan, you get timely insights and actionable recommendations to protect your yields and boost productivity. Witness firsthand how this user-friendly technology can revolutionize your farming practices, saving you time and money while ensuring healthier crops.

*Demonstrations and Schedule are Subject to Change