Adoption of Genomic Tools Project

Adoption of Genomic Tools Project

Join John Basarab to learn more about the “Adoption of Genomic Tools project”.
Genomic tools and accuracy of MBVs for economically important traits continue to improve for application in the commercial crossbred beef cattle industry. John will discuss how genomic breed composition, genomic Hybrid Vigour Score, the Replacement Heifer Index Score™ and the Feeder Profit Index™ can be used to improve female fertility, stayability, lifetime productivity, profitability and sustainability. He will also discuss the newly funded RDAR S-CAP project on “Adoption of Genomic Tools” and how producers can receive an incentivized price for genomic services and genotyping the key animals within their beef herd.

John Basarab, Ph.D., P. Ag.; RDAR Research Professor, University of Alberta; CEO, Livestock Gentec.
John is the RDAR Research Professor of Beef Cattle Genetics at the University of Alberta and has over 30 years experience in beef cattle production and management. His current areas of work include improving feed efficiency, delivering genomic and production technologies to the beef industry, and greenhouse gas mitigation in beef cattle. Work completed has included the development of one of the largest genotype-phenotype databases for beef cattle in Canada for genetic marker discovery, global collaborations, and validation of the genomic tools like EnVigour HXTM. He is CEO of Livestock Gentec, and past Associate Editor for the Canadian Journal of Animal Science. He is also the author or co-author of more than 300 scientific and extension articles, winner of the 2010 Canadian Animal Industries Award in Extension and Public Service and co-recipient of the 2023 ASTech Award for best in Agriculture. John received his Ph.D. degree in Animal Genetics and Biochemistry in 1981 from the University of Alberta.

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John Basarab & Tiago Valente, Livestock Gentec
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