Development of Lidoband

Development of Lidoband

Long term pain control for castration and tail docking

Merle is a chemist and a veterinarian. Dr. Olson Received a BSc (Honors) in Chemistry/Biology (University of Regina) and a MSc in Chemistry (University of Western Ontario). Dr. Olson obtained a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (University of Saskatchewan) and then practised veterinary Medicine in Pincher Creek, Alberta. Dr. Olson conducted human and veterinary research at the University of Calgary where he published over 250 scientific papers and obtained over 45 patents. In 2004, Dr. Olson retired from the university and dedicated his time to pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing of products in Alberta.

AVL/Solvet was formed in 2009 to develop products based upon the needs of Canadian veterinarians and livestock producers. The company provides Canadian producers/veterinarians competitively priced livestock pharmaceutical products that were made in Canada with Canadian raw materials. A Canadian manufacturing base provides reliability of supply, addresses currency issues and retains the money in Canada. AVL/Solvet is the only veterinary pharmaceutical company that develops new products, tests the products, and then manufactures them for sale in Canada and internationally. AVL/Solvet has grown to over 60 highly trained scientists, veterinarians, engineers and technicians with sales across Canada. The manufacturing plant which produces over 40 products is in Calgary.

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Merle Olson, Alberta Veterinary Labs
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