Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Equipment and Inputs for your Farm

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Equipment and Inputs for your Farm

Over the past 15 years, Troy has dedicated himself to understanding the real challenges that keep farmers up at night, and the findings have been both surprising and concerning. Issues like depression, confusion, mental and physical stress, divorce, and children with behavioral problems are alarmingly common in the farming and construction industries. Dealers and manufacturers often remain unaware of these challenges and are slow to address them.

Why does this matter? Because farmers face immense pressures from unpredictable weather, fluctuating interest rates, inflation, and staffing challenges, all of which contribute to significant mental and physical strain. Drawing from his extensive experience selling John Deere equipment and his studies in human behavior with his mentor Tony Robbins, Troy has gained valuable insights into why the farming industry faces these challenges.

Join Troy as he shares the top 5 considerations for making major farm purchases. He will explore how transparency and accountability in buying criteria can significantly reduce stress, increase profits, and make the business more enjoyable for everyone involved. Together, we can work towards creating a more supportive and informed industry

Troy Aberle, Ag Powerhouse

Troy Aberle stands out as a transformative leader in agriculture, bringing over 13 years of excellence as a top producer in equipment sales and marketing. His deep expertise is instrumental in helping farmers make informed purchasing decisions and assisting dealers and manufacturers in optimizing their sales strategies. Guided by the philosophy “Be a product of the product” and shaped by mentors like Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor, Troy’s approach seamlessly blends strategic vision with actionable insights.

Through his extensive research, Troy has identified the top five factors that are crucial for farmers to consider before purchasing equipment. His insights help prevent serious problems that can arise from uninformed decisions, ensuring sustainability and efficiency in farm operations. Dedicated to advancing agricultural practices, Troy’s work promotes sustainable methods and boosts sales efficiency, securing long-term prosperity for the farming community.

As a keynote speaker and visionary, Troy’s commitment to integrity, innovation, and excellence positions him as a pivotal resource for farmers and agricultural professionals seeking practical guidance and inspiration. Join him to explore groundbreaking strategies that propel agricultural businesses forward.



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Troy Aberle, Ag Powerhouse