Welcome to the Agritech Revolution

August 2, 2023 from 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm

Speaker: William Torres, Alpha Phenomics

Welcome to the Agritech Revolution

With the current advances on computer technology, the agricultural sector is finally taking serious advantage of programming and artificial intelligence to produce its own tech.

Look back at pre-BSE era, and we didn’t think we would ever have computerized records for individual animals, yet today in Canada, we have set the example for the rest of the world. The ever-evolving demands by consumer countries have made Canadian beef an easy export. The focus now, is on real-time data to continuously manage cattle and reduce the use of drugs, while optimizing performance on these animals.

William Torres, Beef Cattle Specialist, Alpha Phenomics

William is passionate about connecting and sharing his own life experiences via storytelling and developing a trusting relationship with customers. His ability to resonate with others allows him to create that catalytic experience where customers find their “Aha” moment and learn or rekindle the passion for their purpose.
William’s formal training is that of a reproductive physiologist with Bachelor of Science degrees in Animal Science, Biology, and Physics from Texas A&M University. William has a wealth of experience gained through roles as varied as that of a United States Marine Special Forces Operator, Cattle and Research Manager of the largest for-profit Beef Cattle Research Center in Canada, Executive Director of Technical Services for Vytelle (GrowSafe Systems), and Beef Cattle Specialist for Alpha Phenomics. He has helped companies achieve market development, and certification and launching of products in Canada such as Novartis Animal Health, Pfizer, Intervet Schering-Plough, Feedlot Health Management Services, Alberta Agriculture, University of Idaho, University of Calgary Vet-Medicine, Merial Animal Health, and Alltech as examples.
William continues to assist companies increase their customer retention rates, while improving customer margins through his ability to help them see their operations through the eyes of their customers in his trademark plainspoken manner.