Brandt to the Future – Advancements in John Deere Technology

Brandt to the Future – Advancements in John Deere Technology

The John Deere technology package continues to be the cutting-edge in the Precision agriculture space. With these continued advancements, the Brandt team will showcase some of the latest technology and what we can expect in the future.

Brent Nicol is currently serving as the Director of Precision Agriculture at Brandt Tractor, where he is responsible for overseeing the Precision Ag strategy for the largest set of John Deere dealers in Canada. Brent is an alumnus of Olds College, and with 13 years of experience in Precision Agriculture, he has witnessed the technology evolution from the office to the equipment cab and the positive impact it brings to farmers, producers, and overall sustainability.

Ryan Follack is the current Precision Ag Lead for Central Alberta. He oversees Precision Agriculture Operations for 8 locations. Ryan is an alumnus of Olds College and enjoys showing farmers new and leading edge technology and how it can make a positive return for their specific operation.


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Brent Nicol & Ryan Follack, Brandt Tractor Ltd.
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