Fundamentals of Farm Data: Building Data Literacy Among Producers

Fundamentals of Farm Data: Building Data Literacy Among Producers

This session introduces the Fundamentals of Farm Data Literacy continuing education modules released in 2023. Led by EMILI Canada, in collaboration with Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Lakeland College, Assiniboine College and the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance, it is designed to enhance the ability of agricultural workers to engage in the data-driven economy. This program provides essential training on agriculture data, including sources, quality, privacy, and cybersecurity. It features practical activities and worksheets, empowering farmers to make informed decisions about digital agriculture technology. The program offers four modules: Data 101, Data in Agriculture, Working with Your Data, and Cybersecurity.

Adrienne Levay graduated with a PhD in Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems from the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems in 2018. She is a two-time Canadian Institutes of Health Research Awardee and was a 4-Year Fellow at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests have included gender and food insecurity in the global south, government school nutrition policy, health ethics, ethics of technology and innovation, developing data-enabled innovations, data literacy and realist methodologies. Currently, she is an Instructor & Researcher at Lakeland College in Alberta, Canada, creating and delivering curriculum for the new Bachelor of Agriculture Technology Degree.

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Adrienne Levay, Lakeland College
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