Seeds of Success: Understanding digital governance and integration to improve operational capability

Seeds of Success: Understanding digital governance and integration to improve operational capability

You may be exploring new technologies or have already begun your transformation journey. Do you understand what digital governance means, how your systems speak to each other, and how you might utilize the data that may already exist in your IT environment?

Agriculture technology (“AgTech”) has the potential to improve efficiency, sustainability, transparency, and traceability in the sector, and is changing rapidly to meet the needs of producers and agribusinesses. However, technology is not a catch-all, one-time solution that you can set up and then ignore. After implementing new technology solutions, it’s crucial to make sure that you have a plan for digital governance and how to maximize the usefulness of your data and ensure that your systems can interact with each other effectively to fulfill your business requirements.

This educational session will provide some food for thought on digital governance, as well as tangible examples of what you might look at when evaluating the integration and outputs of your current systems and how you can use those to better improve your business.

David Guthrie, KPMG: David is a Partner in KPMG’s Enterprise practice and is the National Agribusiness Leader for KPMG in Canada. David works with clients throughout the Agribusiness value chain including producers, food processors, marketing boards, other input providers and not-for-profit organizations.
David works with clients as the Farm of the Future evolves with digital/technology innovation and ESG strategies including sustainability reporting.
Areas of focus: Dairy, Poultry, Greenhouses, Agricultural Organizations and AgriStability

Matthew Harrison, KPMG: Matt Harrison is a Manager in KPMG’s Advisory Services practice. He has 9 years of experience in operations management, business process analysis, performance management, and strategic planning.
Matt has experience working in both the public and private sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, and municipal government. He has worked the majority of his career in the Agriculture industry including roles in a custom goods processing facility and working onsite with producers to optimize inputs and decision making.

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