The Birds & The Bees: Making Better Use of Marginal Cropland

The Birds & The Bees: Making Better Use of Marginal Cropland

A conversation you likely never had with your dad.

Together with FCC, Olds College Centre for Innovation has been working to identify alternative production and management strategies to better utilize marginal cropland. Over the last two years we’ve identified: tools to delineate areas of marginal land, alternative management strategies, economic impacts and benefits, incentives available for marginal land conversion, and methods to measure impact.

Join us to learn what we’re learning, about strategies, resources, anticipated benefits, steps we are taking on the Smart Farm, and how you can apply this on your own ground.


Daniel Stefner comes from a farm family just north of Edmonton, where he grew up loving to be a part of all things happening on the farm. After acquiring his IT diploma at NAIT, he earned his Ag Management diploma and B.A.Sc, in Agribusiness at Olds College. He continued his career with the Olds College Centre for Innovation, where he now resides in Olds and serves as a Smart Ag Applied Research Project Lead. Daniel’s main focuses of research include add-on technologies for existing farm equipment, drone and satellite imagery applications, and the use of in-field sensors.

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Daniel Stefner, Olds College Centre for Innovation
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