Using AI to Make Better on Farm Decisions

Using AI to Make Better on Farm Decisions

During our discussion, we will delve into the current impact of AI and computer vision on cow/calf operations and explore future development possibilities. Furthermore, we will examine how AI can enhance the management of feedlot and dairy operations on a large scale, highlighting its potential to improve health and welfare across operations of varying sizes.

Mokah Shmigelsky, co-founder and CEO, comes from a diverse agricultural background. Growing up in a mixed farming family, she developed a deep appreciation for agriculture. One evening, during a campfire discussion, her vision for streamlining manual tasks in the livestock industry took shape.

With her background in managing large teams, Mokah saw an opportunity to revolutionize producers’ operations. This led to the creation of BETSY and OneCup AI, marking a significant step toward enhancing operational efficiency and technological innovation in agriculture. Her commitment to excellence drives us forward every day.

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Mokah Shmigelsky, OneCup AI
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