Capitalizing on field variability. Should you implement VR fertilizer application?

Capitalizing on field variability. Should you implement VR fertilizer application?

A low adoption rate of VR application of fertilizer suggests many producers are still to be convinced to make the jump to implementation. Field variability is considered the main factor impacting the return on investment for implementation of VR fertilizer.
In this session we will be exploring the the opportunities and challenges for those still on the fence.

Herman Simons is the Manager of Smart Agriculture Applied Research at OCCI, and is at the forefront where new and exciting technologies are tested in a practical setting for the ag industry and producers.
Herman was born and raised on a farm in the Netherlands and the youngest of five children. He always had a soft spot for Canada and recalls sending hand-written letters to the Canadian embassy asking questions about Canada at 12 years old — foreseeing this would be his future home.
Herman first stepped foot in Canada in 1986 and worked for a few months on a farm in Alberta. After completing his degree in Agricultural Business Management in the Netherlands, Herman returned by participating in the Young Farmers Exchange Program and landed back in Alberta in 1988. He decided to stay, and happily his future wife moved to Canada to be with him after she finished university back in Holland.
Over the years, Herman’s career in Canada evolved from farmhand, to owning and operating his own farm for over 25 years, to representing farmers at provincial and national levels and as a farm management consultant in the private and public sector. Herman has experienced the ebbs and flows in the agriculture industry over the past few decades, and finds it rewarding to be in this exciting and positive space at Olds College that has great potential and significance for the future of agriculture. Variable Rate Application and field variability is just one of the many areas the OCCI team is conducting applied research in.

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Herman Simons, Olds College of Agriculture & Technology